Solar Energy vocational & PV practical training in Delhi


Eminent advisory unit for solar energy & water conservation gives consultation as per the queries regarding the above fields of environment. Real-time analysis and field survey are available to evaluate & optimize work structure. Customized solutions are prepared as required. Standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) is followed for creating field reports. Distinguished factors are included in task operations to give the best outcome.

Solar energy consultation has different categories. Solar power industry deals with multiple dimensions. We channelize business & individual interests for self-employment, jobs & research in solar energy. Formulation for the business start-ups, exploration of job opportunities and identification of advanced research-based topics are primary functions. Practical planning formats are designed for commercial, domestic & agricultural solar power plants.

Water Conservation traditions & methods are demonstrated for proper network building of human potential. Actual advantages of conventional water resources are explored for their restoration. Construction of new traditional water bodies is also our matter of interest.