Renewable Energy training in Jodhpur - AKSHUNNA

About Us

We are working in the fields of solar energy & water conservation. Our prime motive is exploring the sources of employment in these sectors along with environmental security. We provide consultation regarding solar, power plants, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities in which major sectors of solar energy business, their human potential requirements & economic initiatives are included. Vision of solar energy skill development is incorporated as our primary tasks. Actual planning for solar power deployment in decentralized manner is the key to energy prosperity, and for that we are always ready to groom the human intensity in all fields of solar energy.

Environment energy and economy are become in fundamental sectors for safety of the nature. Optimum synchronization is required in them and we are whole heartedly exploring solar power by means of skill training and business expansion.

Water saving issues are promoted in society with native and effective solutions. Traditional methods of water conservation are demonstrated to form secure network of water availability.